financial severance package returement benefits
Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:Pray financial severance package for the workplace submitting paper utility bills when online bill pay has increased and financial severance packages offered in 12/15. 12/18 and 12/19. Technology has made online bill pay and with USPS slow downs pray the retirement benefits I have been working for the last major portion of my life will be awarded to me as other before me. There is so much idleness and downtime with no work at this employer. The employer does not want air conditioning to be repaired in the warehouse where local officials issue heat advisories on triple digit days.I only want my promised retirement benefits l do not want want to be robbed of the benefits because there is a problem with their realestate capital expenditures budget. They do not want to send out paper utility bills to customers but want customers to pay online. I want to be able to leave with the retirement benefits I worked for promised as part of my compensation.