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6 Ways To Fight Fear During Uncertainty

Ways to Fight

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October 12, 2020

In life, many things are predictable. From the tides to the seasons, there are just some things that can always be counted upon to occur in the same way each year. In 2020, as the world faces unprecedented uncertainty, it is important to remember the Bible’s most common command: “Do not be afraid.” 

In times of great fear and uncertainty, that command can be easier said than done, and we recognize that fear and faith are not necessarily mutually exclusive. We’ve developed a list of helpful tips so that you can release your fear and find comfort in your faith and God’s plan.

  1. A great way to reduce anxiety is to make time to practice prayerful meditation. Simply choose a quiet, peaceful setting (this could be someplace in your home, your back yard, local park, etc.) and quietly reflect on gratitude,  and how your faith can be applied to the world around you. During this time, you can lift your fears and anxieties to The Lord, in addition to anything else that may be weighing on your heart. You can also use this time to memorize scripture that resonates with you.
  2. Eating healthy, well-balanced meals is also a great way to reduce anxiety and fear during times of stress. While there can be a variety of misleading information about what is considered ‘healthy,’ good nutrition begins with a well-rounded diet. To start, try reducing your intake of trans fats and sodium, and begin adding fiber and healthy fats to your diet, like olive oil and avocados. One good rule of thumb when it comes to creating a well-balanced meal is to make your plate as colorful as possible!
  3. Regular exercise can not only help improve your physical strength, it can also help reduce anxiety and stress. While it may be difficult to exercise at the gym while social distancing, try exercising in your home, or outside in nature away from crowds. Even small quantities of exercise have been proven to foster growth and development, improve overall health, and reduce the risk of various chronic diseases.
  4. When navigating uncertainty and fear, it is important to make sleep a priority. While it may feel unimportant and even difficult, getting enough sleep is just as important as eating well and exercising regularly when it comes to cognition and brain function. Remember that Proverbs 3:24-26 tells us, “When you lie down, you will not be afraid; when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet. Have no fear of sudden disaster or of the ruin that overtakes the wicked,  for the Lord will be at your side and will keep your foot from being snared.” 
  5. Another great way to unwind and de-stress is to make time for safe activities that you enjoy. Uncertainty in the world does not mean that you have to give up on your happiness. Spending time in nature, playing distanced sports, taking up a creative hobby, and so many other things can be great ways to keep both your mind and body occupied and healthy.
  6. In addition to each of these tips, we believe that connecting with community & faith-based organizations is one of the best things that you can do for your spiritual health during this time. Although social distancing rules can make connecting in person a challenge, you can consider meeting virtually, over the phone, or via email. 

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