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Prayer Request:X11/10/22 Railroad unions may strike if any of 8 unions do NOT ratify the settlement between railroads and unionsFather,Please grant railroad workers Your mercy. For Your namesake, O God, we ask that You remember the sacrifice Jesus paid on our behalf and deliver railroad workers from the hand of our enemies. Deliver railroad workers from evil we pray and hear our petition. We acknowledge You, Lord Jesus, as the One who can forgive railroad workers our sins, grant railroad workers eternal life and give railroad workers victory over our enemies. We know that there has been much bloodshed in our land, and we ask Your forgiveness for the sins of railroad workers in USA's cities. Forgive the railroad workers that turned away from You and never asked for Your forgiveness and mercy. We ask for it now. Please help railroad workers to bring supplies to justice while providing transportation to those in our communities. Father God, we ask that You bless railroad workers with Your favor. Help railroad workers to advance from victory to victory, crush the wickedness and oppression of our enemies, and establish Your justice among men and among nations. “It is time for You to act, O Lord, for they have regarded Your law as void.” (Ps. 119:126) We decree the Lord has set the lines of our inheritance and we have a goodinheritance. We declare the enemy shall have no memorial nor any right of inheritance in the USA, nor in our city. Let angelic sentries be established over every boundary line, secure our borders, patrol USA's cities and hold the line of defense. We ask for safety over every place where railroad workers gather: in their homes, in the workplace, and public venues. We declare safety and divine protection throughout our rail transit systems, trains. We include all railroad workers and their families, as well as intercessors to be covered by this prayer and declaration. We declare that “no weapon formed against railroad workers shall prosper and every tongue that rises against railroad workers in judgment shall be condemned,” according to Your word in Isaiah 54:17. We decree a release of wisdom, foresight, knowledge and understanding; a release of courage and confidence to railroad workers, and all those that work diligently to provide supply chain services to businesses or American economy. Let our teamwork produce effective, efficient results to achieve their goals. Lord, we ask that You would cause the enemy to reveal what he has planned in secret and expose the things that have been plotted to do harm to others. Help railroad workers to catch potential problems and diffuse situations before they escalate. You said in Your word that if any man lacks wisdom he should ask and You would give it without reproach. We ask for wisdom and knowledge to be released by Your Holy Spirit that will enable railroad workers to do their jobs better. We ask for an impartation of insight that can only come from You. You said in Your word that You make railroad workers wiser than our enemies. Lord, bless railroad workers with wisdom that makes them wiser than our enemies, and grant that they would have a mouth filled with wisdom that our adversaries cannot contradict nor resist. This is Your promise in Luke 21:15. We decree a release of the glory of the Lord to be railroad workers' rear guard. Thank You, Lord, forprotecting railroad workers in their blind spots. Let the strength of the enemy’s power be broken now, in Jesus name. Let the works of evil and wrong doing be thwarted, confused, and unraveled so that they come to nothing. We ask that You arrange the timing of our days in such a way that we do notencounter the evil intended for railroad workers. Help railroad workers avoid accidents and intentional works of evil that target them and their families. Help railroad workers pay attention to You communicating with us. Give railroad workers ears to hear You and a heart that is quick to respond to You. We decree an end to sabatage, violent crimes. We decree a release of the Prince of Peace over our families, USA's cities, states and throughout the USA. You, O God, have a heart for these railroad workers and it is Your desire to heal and restore the citizens of our city. Your grace is here to transform railroad workers. Your love is here to restore railroad workers. Your love surrounds railroad workers and Your power is setting them free. We release a spirit of liberty to release railroad workers from their torment, bondages and discouragement. We declare railroad workers will not be afraid to stand up for what is right in Your eyes. Give railroad workers courage, boldness, strength and unwavering commitment to stand with You. Protect railroad workers from those that want railroad workers to fall. Impart Your strength that we may honor You.We decree a release of the spirit of reconciliation. We declare a release of forgiveness; help railroad workers not retain the sins of others and cause bitterness to grow in their hearts. We forgive those that have sinned against railroad workers, caused offense and wounded railroad workers. Let love overcome hatred, and good overcome evil. Help railroad workers refuse to let pain turn railroad workers into the likeness of the enemy of their souls. Help railroad workers refuse to become like those that have tried to make railroad workers like them.Give railroad workers a revelation of who You are, Father. Turn the tables on the enemy and draw railroad workers to You that they might be saved. We bind up the spirits of death and hell and forbid them from advancing against railroad workers inJesus name. We declare there shall be no more untimely loss of life. Let Your Holy Spirit release the power to heal and restore the railroad workers of our city, O God. Let the joy of the Lord be our strength. Thank You, Father, for hearing our prayer and establishing our decree. You said in Job 22 that if we would return to You good would come to railroad workers, and in verses 27 and 28, “You will make your prayer to Him, and He will hear you. You will declare a thing and it will be established for you, and light will shine on your ways.” You said that purity would deliver those that are not innocent. Lord, we believe that as we have prayed and made thesedecrees in faith, You will answer. We believe You will guard railroad workers, protect railroad workers, and deliver railroad workers from evil and we thank You for it. Thank you for salvation for our loved ones, deliverance from our enemies, healing for the citizens of USA's cities, and blessing to overflow. In Jesus name we pray. We declare life from intercessors' lips today and believe wholeheartedly that God will use your words to impact railroad industry surroundings with His will for transformation of settlement ratification by railroad unions, and the USA economy. Lord, I give you all of me. My heart is your sanctuary. Help intercessors be profoundly aware of their spiritual identity so that they can release your kingdom on earth as it in heaven.Father, Intercessors decree the sound of their words carry a ripple effect of breakthrough because the Spirit of the Lord lives within me. Greater is He who lives in intercessors than he that lives in the world. Intercessors decree their words are anointed to release breakthrough, shatter old mindsets, touch railroad workers' hearts and cause them towalk in their true identity in God, kingdom influencers, holy fire starters and world changers. Intercessors decree a release of freedom to the railroad workers of religious spirits, spiritual blindness, deception, delusion and all kinds ofbondage. Intercessors speak a release of the spirit of truth and liberty and declare railroad workers will have a joyful realization of their freedom in Christ and a fresh awareness of the love of their Father.Intercessors decree the disconnected from the body of Christ find their place where their Spirit feels at home, where they feel accepted, loved and valued. Intercessors declare a release by the Spirit of the God of supernatural hunger and thirst for righteousness. Intercessors declare their hunger and thirst is satisfied by the love of God and fresh understanding of truth from the Word of God. Intercessors decree the power of God uproots and destroys the works of the enemy in railroad workers lives, their families, USA's cities and the USA.Intercessors speak restoration over myself, their families and community. Intercessors decree a release of the Spirit of Reconciliation to restore broken relationships and heal what has been divided, including relationships with Jesus and our heavenly Father.Intercessors decree a release of safety and protection over their families, city and the USA according to Psalm 91. Intercessors declare You, O God, are our hiding place and safe refuge. A thousand my fall on one side and 10,000 may fall on another side but destruction shall not come near me or their families in Jesus' name. Intercessors declare a release of foresight and prophetic revelation to our railroad workers in USA's cities, state and nation, so that they have wisdom to know how to implement order and strategic plans in Jesus’ name. Intercessors decree angelic protection thwarts the evil plans and attacks aimed at intermodal and other public places. Intercessors declare divine protection of railroad workers. Father, give railroad workers the wisdom and courage to say no to drugs and other things the enemy would use for their harm. Direct railroad workers them away from trouble. Intervene in railroad workers' lives and restore them to the ways of truth and rigteousness. Intercessors declare that railroad workers will speakup and warn others of danger instead of remaining silent.Remember Your word in Galatians 1:4, that You might rescue railroad workers and their families from the destructive forces of this present evil age. Intercessors declare those who can stop destruction before it can spread are divinely directed and put in position to be at the right place and time, and they will take appropriate action in Jesus’ name.Intercessors decree the redemptive plans and purposes of God over railroad workers in USA's cities and the USA are coming forth and manifesting now in Jesus’ name. Intercessors declare the reversal of things according to Psalm 107:35.Intercessors decree the redemption and restoration of all thngs the enemy has sought to use for his purposes are reversed andredeemed by Jesus. Lord, come and bring Your divine intervention this day in railroad workers lives, this day in the lives of their families, in their employment, living situations, and everything that pertains to them and their families. May every every faillure, mistake and wrong turn be supernaturally turned to bring goodness and glory to Your name, Jesus. Intercessors decree divine intervention over the enemy's plans of destruction over USA'sAmerican cities and the railroad industry. Intercessors declare supernatural overthrow of evil plans for strike. May the destruction of the destroyer and wicked rulers be halted in place in Jesus’ name, and the weapons of the destroyer fail in the hands of those that conspire evil, destruction and terror over railroad workers, O God. Remember Your covenant with railroad workers and the USA for Your namesake, O God.Thank you, Father, for releasing Your power to bring change and transformation. Thank you for establishing our decrees and for hearing the prayers of intercessors. Intercessors pray for mercy over the USA. Intercessors pray for those that have been disconnected from You to repent and come back into relatationship quickly. Intercessors pray that railroad workers would not assume they have more time to make things right with You or others, but would seize the day and every opportunity they have now. Let Your Holy Spirit quicken this to their spirits so that they do not fail to take whatever action is necessary. My God, my God, please extend Your mercy to us. Remember Your word is Isaiah 30:18, for You long to be gracious to railroad workers. Intercessors declare a release of resurrection life by the power of Your Holy Spirit, and the multilaction of salvations, signs and miracles in Jesus' name. ..