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Massive Wealth Transfer in Next 30 Years: Are Millennials ready?

Massive Wealth

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December 1, 2020

Did you know that the largest transfer of wealth in history will happen in the next 30 years?  Over the next 10 years alone, US$4.1 trillion is anticipated to change hands, according to the Wealth-X and NFP Family Wealth Transfers Report, released in January 2015.  The United States will see the greatest amount of wealth transfers, with US$6 trillion set to change hands in the next 30 years — amounting to nearly 40 percent of the global total.

This begs the question:  Have we prepared the next generation and have we passed on our values to those who will be managing the corporations and the government amidst so much wealth?  Are we raising up leaders who will take a stand for Christ in the marketplace and in their homes?  

Bryan Schick, President of NFP International, added: “With US$16 trillion passing to the next generation over the next 30 years, the enduring legacies of many families will soon be defined.”

The next 10 years are critical for the future of our nation.  Now is the time to reach the next generation with the good news of Jesus Christ.  A generation is depending on us to point them to hope and salvation.  Statistics show that fathers who come to Christ will almost always lead their families to Christ. Business leaders who come to Christ will almost always run their businesses to the glory of God.  

CBMC exists to help the next generation do just that.

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