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5 Tips for Easy Virtual Networking

Easy Virtual Networking

2 minute read

Since the first quarter of 2020, large gatherings of ten or more people have been canceled due to the pandemic. Even something as simple as meeting for coffee has been put on hold until it is safe. This has made it difficult for professionals to find networking opportunities. Professionals looking to maintain their work connections have to think digitally to keep up. Here are some tips to make the most of your digital networking experience.

  • Make your check-ins recurring meetings
    • When meeting with coworkers or colleagues in your industry, stay up to date on their progress with recurring check-ins. A meeting every month or so can help you maintain a working relationship.
  • Make all calls video calls
    • A face to face conversation is more personal and allows you to read facial expressions and social cues. Video calls can help you maintain your social skills and provide more human connection.
  • Take lead in organizing conversations
    • Don’t expect others to reach out to you first; take the first step in expanding your network by reaching out to others and scheduling virtual meetings yourself.
  • Talk to strangers
    • To expand your network, you need to meet new people. Connect to new specialists in your industry by asking questions or setting up virtual coffee meetings. Keep in mind you have something to offer, and conversations should go both ways for it to be beneficial to all participants.
  • Update your online presence
    • Social media platforms are a great way to connect with others, particularly Linkedin for business people. Update your Linkedin profile to show all of the skills you develop over the year. Social networking is also an opportunity to find others in your field and approach on level ground.

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