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Request Title# PrayersDate 
Equality Bill LGBTQ103-09-2021View Details
MerckJJ combine COVID vaccine manufacturing003-03-2021View Details
Witty inventions002-15-2021View Details
Healing Prayer3101-20-2021View Details
Car rippoff3101-13-2021View Details
God's hand upon our country, and courage to stand strong! 3101-12-2021View Details
Return to work 3111-03-2020View Details
Marriage, Business, & Fatherhood3211-03-2020View Details
God's hand upon our country010-27-2020View Details
Healing and Salvation3510-27-2020View Details
salvation4210-24-2020View Details
Provision and security3610-24-2020View Details
Healing and peace5410-11-2020View Details
Cancer victim mom 38 yrs old 6710-08-2020View Details
Healing and restoration2109-30-2020View Details
Continued prayers for Mom2209-12-2020View Details
Healing and encouragement2309-01-2020View Details
Timothy Project2309-01-2020View Details
IDLENESS2308-26-2020View Details
financial severance package returement benefits2108-23-2020View Details