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Request Title# PrayersDate 
Dec14th dishwasher works112-11-2022View Details
Railroad workers011-27-2022View Details
Stolen Memories211-20-2022View Details
Guidance for moms and dads planning to abort their baby111-09-2022View Details
USA economy 010-26-2022View Details
USA economy 010-23-2022View Details
Guidance for employees of abortion providers.110-09-2022View Details
Bless Members of Prayer ministries.209-05-2022View Details
Guidance for moms and dads planning to abort their baby207-25-2022View Details
Prayer Request202-07-2022View Details
Feb 18002-06-2022View Details
Christian workplaces COVID001-06-2022View Details
Deliverance 012-05-2021View Details
Boundaries011-09-2021View Details
Please pray009-11-2021View Details
Mismanagement207-07-2021View Details
Prayer request206-13-2021View Details
2020 census results004-20-2021View Details
Durham NC Merck vaccine plant004-12-2021View Details
Israeli election Mar 23103-11-2021View Details